Sunday, July 23, 2017

Travel tatting and a meeting- nuntium duocentesimum duodeseptuagesimum

I'm home from England/Italy now and it was a marvelous trip!  I had so, so much fun.  I tatted a lot, relaxed a lot, saw some amazing things, ate well and enjoyed visiting my friend.

And then, oh my, and then.  Joëlle contacted me to see if we could meet.  We had tried a few years ago when I was visiting the same friend but it didn't work.  This time because of our jaunt to Italy, we didn't have a lot of options that we could meet but Joëlle wrangled her entire family and made it work.  We were to meet the morning after we came back from Italy, imagine my chagrin when my flight was cancelled out of Naples!  Amazingly we were able to find another time, so I bravely took the train to meet her about halfway between.  You will think it's funny- I've traveled a LOT and take trains in Italy and France with no hesitation.  However in a country where the language is almost my own, I'm a wimp!  I made it to the right city and back though.

It was so exciting to see Joëlle's work in person- gorgeous, gorgeous stitches, gorgeous colors and gorgeous variety of pieces!  We had such fun and the hours were gone before I knew it.  We tatted, talked techniques, tatted more, talked about her amazing videos and other common interests.  I showed her a tatting issue I was unhappy with and she gave an instant and brilliant solution.  I wish we could convince her to join Twin Cities Tatters but I suppose that's too long a commute.

Speaking of Twin Cities Tatters, tomorrow is our RETREAT!  So exciting (the spoiling continues), Monday - Wednesday- just tatting, tatting, tatting.  I wonder if our hands will hurt?

I was surprised how many people commented that they don't tat when they travel, particularly in airplanes.  To me, airplanes are a necessary evil.  I don't enjoy them but they get me where I want to be so I make the best.  To me, that involves tatting.  Tatting doesn't have to be stowed during take off and landing, it doesn't make noise, one can do it in the interminable lines and what else to do when forced to sit/stand for hours during all the waiting?
I do have a special "airplane travel pouch".  As you can see, it has only useful things but if I had to surrender them, I could.  Boring shuttles but I can pop out the bobbins and keep my work.  Strong booklight (which- if I have remembered to put in new batteries- makes it easier to see), a dental floss "card" which has a cutter, a Sherry Pence 4-hook crochet pen (I would never through this away but would pretend it was simply a pen and slip into my purse), a hair clip for thread on ball, a few TCT cards in case anyone is interested and some of mine too.

The needle minder is from Happy Bluebird.  My usual one has tatting to decorate it but since this is the travel one, no.  So, all things I could give up if necessary but work well.  I do cut my ends and weave in but the final snipping has to wait until home.