Sunday, August 20, 2017

Garden cross and procrastination - nuntium duocentesimum septuagesimum septimum

I'm stalling.  School starts Wednesday and I need a review for 8th grade French.  I have a list but can't quite get myself going. So blogging it is!  : )
I made this cross for Ruth- the receptionist who passed away in the explosion.  It's school colors but somehow it doesn't look as nice as the pattern by Robin Perfetti shows.

Speaking of procrastination, I always seem to find a painting project right before school starts.  This poor bannister languished too long.  The intention was to replace with with an unpainted wooden one but after 23 years of hoping to get to it, I decided to paint it.
 Painting wood seems terrible but condition not worth refinishing.
 That's a lot of painter's tape.
 Looks pretty good, I think.  : )